meet the coaches

Nina Rocco

Owner / Head Coach

Hi there! I’m Coach Nina. I am so glad you found me. You probably want to know more about me, right? Well, let me give you the short version so you can see I’m a real person, I’ve been where you’re at, and I know I can help you.

I grew up as a tomboy in North Idaho. One day at the age of 19 I hurt my back in an ATV accident. Despite the pain, I managed to go on with life — getting married at 21 and working for the U.S. Air Force while stationed in Italy. While I loved my time overseas, my marriage wasn’t working out, I moved back to the States and moved to Boise idaho. It had been my dream to became a Fitness Coach and help others so it was time to make dreams come true! Since 2011 I've studied and learned everything possible to help women reach their fitness goals. 

And while my coaching business was thriving, my old back injury was more painful than ever — to the point I’d end up in a heap on the floor, living in constant chronic pain day after day.

I finally found a great doctor and had the surgery I needed to get my life back.  And boy, did I get it back! I took my second chance at my health and ran with it!  And despite all the pain I went through over the years, it gave me so many valuable lessons and I’m so grateful now for the experience.

Fast forward to now, and I am fulfilling my life’s purpose to help Rocc Bodies like YOU get the body and life of their dreams… one meal plan and workout at a time!


Coach Nina

Brittany Domzal

Executive Coach

Hey Everyone! Just like Nina, I had a few detours along the way to becoming a coach.

I grew up in the Chicago area, where I still live with my husband and kids. As a kid myself, I struggled with obesity. You could say I “ate my feelings” like many of us have because of pain, trauma, or not feeling worthy enough.

By the time I graduated high school, I was tipping the scales at 250 pounds… despite my love for sports like track, volleyball and basketball. I got to college and was able to drop about 50 pounds by eating healthier and embracing my love for being active. When I met my husband, his support inspired me to go even further and I lost even more weight.  And while it sounds like maybe I’d finally conquered my “food demons”... that’s not exactly true.

Outwardly I looked like I was crushing it with my workouts and self-discipline… but living on protein bars and coffee, I became “skinny fat.” I realized I hadn’t resolved my still unhealthy relationship with food, after all.

Then I met Nina.

She helped me work out a meal plan eating REAL FOOD and an achievable workout schedule that didn’t involve becoming a gym rat subsisting on iceberg lettuce and turkey slices.

I could have carbs, fat, and even dessert! Just sensibly portioned and journaled to keep track of my progress. Before I knew it, the “skinny fat” melted away and my lean muscles began to appear. Was this the answer I’d been searching for my whole life? Abso-freakin-lutely!

I had so much success with Nina’s Rocc Body program, I wanted to join her to help evangelize other frustrated yo-yo dieters and people who might have given up hope on ever reaching their fitness goals.

I look forward to helping YOU, too!


Coach Brittany

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